THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

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On the heels of 2016’s controversial hit based on JoJo Moyes book Me Before You comes a more lighthearted company about the power of friendship to change anybody’s life. This film, which stars Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston is loosely based on the Toronto film, which was nominated for the best foreign film during the Oscars at one time. Kevin is an ex-con looking for his second chance in work and in life when he crosses paths with a paralyzed author in need of a caregiver. He is not the most qualified for the job, but because Philip is at his wits with life in a wheelchair, he does not care. As the line between caregiver and friendship blurs, the two learn much from each other.

For Dell, Philip provides a respectable job. He looks beyond the “ex-con” and sees the person. He sees a man looking to restore his relationship with his son and girlfriend who he has failed time and time again. For Philip, Dell seems like an easy solution to his “DNR problem” because he doesn’t really care. But as he shows Philip how fun life can be, that becomes less and less of an issue. Dell, like Philip, is able to look beyond the physical and see the person inside. He helps Philp come to grips with his wife’s death as well as the implications of his disability.

  1. Disability has no impact on a person’s manhood/womanhood
  2. Don’t allow one rejection impact the way you relate to other people (relationships/friendships)
  3. Don’t allow your disability/accident to push you into giving up your passions in life
  4. God has placed people in your life for a reason. Try to learn something from them!!
The 2019 remake is rated PG 13- for some strong language and sexual references as well as brief drug usage- all of which, I think could have been done without. Despite this, the film is highly relatable and shows what quadriplegics go through on a daily basis. Living in a world full of misconceptions, it is often hard for me to open up and show my true self because often I have to deal with stereotypes on a daily basis.
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