Camp Echoing Hills

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My dad always tells me how blessed I should be living in the technological age that I am, and having a disability. And I come to believe that more now than ever. You see, today I watched Thriving With Cerebral Palsy:The Cordell Brown Story. This documentary tells the story of Cordell Brown and the difficulties he had growing up with a disability. Despite having parents that instilled a “can-do” attitude within him, Cordell still struggled to accept his disability on a daily basis. That is until he found Jesus. With his newfound faith, he tried his best to integrate himself into “normal” society with little success- because of the stereotypes that people had of CP at the time. Until a friend named Bob allowed him to volunteer as a driver for his Bible camp; from there he worked his way up into higher level jobs in the camp. It was during his work at the camp that Bob mentioned the idea of starting a  camp for people with disabilities on his family land. As always, his parents were supportive. It was then that Camp Echoing Hills was born..
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