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As previously posted, I will be heading out of town later this weekend. I seriously debated not posting anything for the rest of the week because my heart is not really in it. But then, I was reminded about several articles I had saved on the impact a disability has on one’s faith. It seems quite appropriate considering what I’m going through. In this article, disability gives people a reason to hope. After all, look at the many times that God used his power to heal the sick, blind and deaf. People who in those times, many considered useless or unholy. I am reminded of one such healing, where God specifically tells a man healed of leprosy to tell no one
of the miracle. But the man can’t help himself, he has so overcome with emotion. The end result is amazing in itself, a man is healed and the impact is global. People come from nowhere to hear of the miracle and of the person that performed it.

Check out Mark 1:4o-44 for more about this miracle as well as the many more that follow

Another important thing to note is that when Jesus reappeared to the disciples as well as doubting Peter after his resurrection, the scars of the crucifixion still remain as a testament to the miracle that just occurred. For those people that have faith, we each have scars. Those are a constant reminder of who we once were, sinners headed to an uncertain fate. That is, if it weren’t for God and his amazing Grace.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting read.

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