Scott’s progress on American Idol


So I don’t know if you all have been watching Scott McIntyre’s progress on American Idol. He has made the top 10 and continues to astound the judges and audiences alike with his talented skill to play the piano. Scott has made the top 10 on the show; his appearances on Idol just proves that people with disabilities are seeing the changes. In the past, this may have not been possible because of stereotypes in such. Last night, Scott did a heart felt rendition of the Billy Joel classic, “Just The Way You Are”.

At the end of the performance, Paula Abdul summed up what people with disabilities want to hear on a daily basis from their employers, friends and communities-that she could see him, not the disability.

Her quote: “So, Scott, I must say out of all the contestants that have graced this stage that I’m most proud of you and I want the audience to know it has nothing to do about your challenge, but everything to do with that makes me forget about that challenge..”

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