Finishing up Grown-Up Girlfriends, Chapter 10

Hey Guys~

For today, I have decided to continue my Grown-Up Girlfriends series.. Since there are only a few chapters left, I hope to finish up the series by the end of the week. If you have enjoyed this series, I hope you will let me know. I found the book very enlightening myself and I’ve learned a lot. The following notes are on chapter 10 of the book; this chapter focuses on knowing when to let go of a friendship. Letting go is a difficult process, but sometimes a necessary one. Especially when the friendship becomes a bad influence or seems to be over.

Chapter 10 Notes for Grown-Up Girlfriends

  1. A grown-up girlfriend knows when to let go
  2. Possible Reasons Why a Friendship Has Ended
  • Betrayal /loss of trust
  • Growing apart
    There are two reasons why this can happen:this can be regained if both parties acknowledge the distance and want to change things
    The “Different Friends for Different Seasons Of Life” philosophy
  • Moving away

3.Dealing with the loss of a Friendship

  • Acknowledge and accept the grief
  • Allow God to help you through it
  • “It gives us an opportunity to grow, to change and become more Christlike” (Page 170)

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