Personal Update: Flu Adventures

Dear Readers~

Let me begin this post by saying I’m sorry for the long radio silence on my end, but that could not be helped. The flu virus took down our entire household and we were down for the count. This doesn’t mean it was a “fun adventure” as my title entry says, but that just happened to be the first words that came to mind while writing this blog.

The first one down was me. It all started with a nagging cough and a runny nose. At first, we thought it was a simple cold and proceeded as such. I will spare you the nasty details that urged my family and me to take me to urgent care the next day- only to learn I indeed had the flu and a 101° temperature to prove it!

My mom and dad stayed vigil during the worst of it. That being said, it was inevitable that one of them would get sick next. Of course, isn’t that the type of sacrifice any parent would give for their child?

Dad was down for the count next.  This made things even more difficult since my mom was headed to babysit my nieces while my brother and sister-in-law went off to celebrate their anniversary. Despite his illness, dad did his best to take care of me Since I was still coughing constantly (unable to use my voice recognition), I spent most of my time playing games on my phone, reading audiobooks and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

I will say the one bright spot in all of this was that I found Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor books. If I hadn’t been coughing, I would’ve spent most of my time working on my computer and my blog (not that that’s a bad thing) but I had to find other ways to entertain myself not using my voice. These books help me relax since they were set on the beach and had very inspirational themes. Going along with the beach theme, I also watched a Netflix series called Bondi Rescue. This show featured ocean rescues that took place on Australia’s most popular beach spot.

Meanwhile, mom was getting sick as well. She was doing her best to take care of the girls and nurse herself back to health. At one point, we had to come down and help her. She actually ended up with pneumonia!

That’s the long short of it-. How the flu ravaged our family. I still have a little cough nagging me, but that’s about it. I hope all my readers are doing okay. If not, I know what you’re going through this flu season has been rough.


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