My Birthday Adventures at Disney World, Part Two

Hello Again Everyone~

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my adventures in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. In this post I will share with you what I did during my second day on vacation at Hollywood studios. For this adventure, we had to take a bus; the buses must run back and forth every 15 to 30 minutes because we had to wait 10 minutes for ours. During that time I encountered a disabled intern working there in charge of the bus routes. I later learned that there was a special internship opportunities for college students wanting to work there during the summers..

But I digress…

A bus arrived to take us to a Hollywood Studios; this particular bus had a hydraulic system which lowered it to the ground for easier access. Then, a lift opened up and I got in with no trouble. At that point, they secured my wheelchair down with straps and we were on our way. Shortly  after  arriving my family and got a bite to eat. We then  decided to  attend the Beauty  And the Beast: Live On Stage  show. This 25 minute musical extravaganza highlights popular songs  from the original movie.  What makes this so different than the movie? First,the  host selects  a member  from  each audience  to give  a special rose to- it  symbolizes    the special  bond, a father  has with his daughter.  Second, specific  shows  have real-time  American  Sign Language (provided by translators) for those  that are deaf and hard of hearing.

After that we spent some time walking around the streets, sightseeing (and shopping) before going on The Great Movie Ride. This attraction  is accessible to those in wheelchairs as well as those  able to transfer in and  out by themselves or with the help of  other people. The ride insists of  real-time clips of the  greatest moments in movie history, as well as reenactments that put you right in the middle of the action. From there, we  toured  the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream  “museum”. It follows him through the  monumental years  of his career and  gives people a in-depth  glimpse on what it takes to create an animated film.

Another live show that I enjoyed was the  Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. This exciting show gives viewers a behind the scenes  look  at how stunts are filmed in the movies

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