My Birthday Adventures in Disney World, Part Three

Dear Readers,
Over the past few days, I have reminisced about my experiences at Disney World- both when I was younger and now. When my dad heard about this, he was able to dig out a picture of our first visit in February 1998. What a difference right? Unfortunately, my brother wasn’t able to come with us that time.  But my mom says  there’s always the possibility of us coming back  and sharing the whole experience with my nieces.. Although they have already  been there once it’s always different  together as a family. Even  as I say that, I can’t believe we would be  sharing it with  the next generation.  Wow, how time  flies!
Debbie  and  family at Epcot- February 1988

Debbie  and Family- April 2017
Our  last day  at Disney World  was spent at Epcot (obviously); we got a late  start  that day  because it was due  to the hottest day..  The report was spot on! As we began our journey through the different countries,, I was taken back  by  enormous flower gardens and sculptures;  the creativity it took to shape some of those plans into Disney characters (like Elisa from Frozen or  Belle from  Beauty and the Beast) is brilliant. In  all, there are about 100 topiaries  to admire  around Epcot. For  our first ride, we decided  to go to on Spaceship Earth. For  this ride, I  had to transfer out of my wheelchair-  but it was worth it. This ride  takes you  back in time from the Stone Age, showing the evolution of  man.  (I’m using the term   “evolution”to  mean  the growth  in  man’s intelligence; I do not believe  in the  theology of  evolution.)  What  I liked  most about the  ride was  the fact that it  was interactive; it allowed  riders in each  seat to “choose” what their  future looked like based  on answering a few questions   posed  to them along the way.The pics captured at the beginning of the right are then placed in a video used to portray the future. This is something that riders can take with them if they supply their email in the database on computers near the ride.Another interesting fact is that  the ride takes  place  “inside” the Epcot ball.
Next,  we attended The  Voyage of the  Little Mermaid  show.  This 15 minute performance includes live puppetry with performances of popular  songs from Sebastian the  crab as well  as Ariel.  During the show,  I felt  like  I was  truly  “under the Sea” because bubbles cascaded from the ceiling at one point.
What’s a trip to Disney World without saying Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse? It’s not a trip, of course! For the reason, I actually took some time to wait in line and meet the popular characters as well as get my picture taken with them. For those that say I’m too old for that, well, you are only as old as you feel. Here  is two of  my favorites.

After that, we continued  our trek around the  “world”stopping by Germany to look at the intricate Cuckoo clocks and then  went to France to sample  the delicious crepes (thin pancakes)  that reminded  us of   Grandma (mom’s mom).  In one building, they  even had a widescreen movie that gave us a tour of the country; we soared about  the vineyards that created wine and went  through famous churches. This gave us a in-depth  view of the country without having to  actually go there. One of the final things we did there was go to see The  America Adventure  at The World Showcase. This 30 minute performance utilizes audio- animatronics and film to go back in time and view the major events that  made America the great country it is today.

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