Life With a New Puppy

If it this isn’t love at first sight; I don’t know what is. Granted, just a moment before this picture was taken Holly Joy was licking my face. Now that would have been the perfect picture. But as I’ve learned life with a puppy is far from perfect
But I wouldn’t change it for the world..

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we brought this little girl home and she’s already become such a integral part of our world.The first few weeks were hard:Both of us had some adjusting to do.Holly had to adjust to being in a new home without her brothers and sisters and we had to adjust to the puppy potty schedule. Thankfully, I had mom to help with that.Otherwise, I don’t know what I would do.

From the most part, Holly stays with me in my room. In the beginning, though, she woke up 2 to 3 times a night in order to go to the bathroom. What a wonderful wake-up call that was. Now she last until 6: 30 a.m. in the morning. She sleeps in a crate on a chair right next to my bed.

 If I wouldn’t have read that puppies sleep 18 to 20 hours a day, I would not have believed it. But they do. Sleep plays a valuable role in a puppy’s routine otherwise the can regress into biting or nipping. Her routine is something like the following:

6:30 AM- Holly wake up
6:45 AM Bathroom
7 AM- Breakfast
7:30 a.m.-another bathroom break
8 AM-morning play
8:30 AM- 9:30 AM- Morning nap
9:30 AM- Bathroom
10 AM – mid- morning play
10:30 a.m. another nap
12 PM- bathroom before lunch
12:30 p.m. Lunch
12:45 p.m.-another bathroom break
1:00 p.m.- playtime
1:30 p.m-Bathroom/naptime
5:30 p.m-Bathroom
6 PM-Dinner
6:45 PM- bathroom
And so on and so forth into 10- 10:30 PM when I go to bed

During most naps, she can be found on my couch in the living or in the crate. She just loves being around people. Her favorite spot seems to be in mom’s lap on the couch in front of the fire while we are watching TV together.

In the midst of Holly’s arrival, I have also been interviewing and vetting possible PAs to give my parents a break during the day. Thankfully we did not have to look very far; I have hired a daytime caregiver to work during the week. Since the basement is not finished, however, she only works part-time. Most of my days are spent in the front room watching TV or playing cards with her. I made sure that Mia was comfortable around pets and capable and okay with dealing with Holly as needed. She has picked right up offering to walk her and take her out. In my mind, that is going above and beyond all the call of duty.
All in all, things are going well. Holly has yet to get used to my wheelchair. However, I have gone with my mom on several walks to get her more accustomed to the power chair. Puppy training starts March 21, so that should help. I will keep you guys updated on her progress.
Holly’s proud mom

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