Basement apartment + puppy update

 Welcome Back Readers~

Wow, folks… I can’t believe it’s been over five months since I last posted on this blog.
But then again, I guess I can.
You’ll be happy to know I’m finally living in the downstairs apartment; it is basically finished except for patching a few holes and creating a space for the elevator lift. I’ve already started putting up old pictures to make it more homey. Maybe one of these days I will decide to give you a YouTube tour once I figure click out out how I’m going to do. For now, this picture is going to have to do…
Let’s see… What else? Oh yes, my adorable puppy Holly; although I don’t know whether I can call her that anymore, she’s getting so big. But she’s still a handful. Don’t get me wrong, having a pet is great especially with the pandemic going around. But Holly seems to think that since we don’t go out much it should be all about her-all day every day. Still, she has quickly become an integral part of the family; my dad has quickly become Holly’s favorite person.. Strangely, the feeling seems to be mutual..
With Covid, we had to postpone lot of our dog,’s regular activities such as training and grooming; as a result, she’s developed some annoying and exhausting habits – everything ranging from playful nipping to jumping up on strangers. You can imagine our relief when Petco called to offer us one-on-one training since we hadn’t attended the group sessions I already paid for. Anyway, we just finished Holly’s second week. She’s doing well but got a long way to go if we want her to to be an assistance dog- which  we do. Right now, we are focused on the basics of walking to the left of my wheelchair and distraction as well the basic commands like “come”, “sit”, and “stay”.
A few weeks ago, Holly had her first grooming. Here is a “before” photo:
And the amazing transformation:
I know what you’re thinking… It’s not a different dog
On a more personal note, I kind of have switched gears when it comes to my writing. During my last post, I may have been preparing my first proposal to send off to a potential agent. Unfortunately, they passed. That being said, I was obviously disappointed; I haven’t given up on finding an agent just concentrating on finishing my book. Although it would really be nice to have the person on my team besides my parents supporting and encouraging my passion for writing

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