I Am Potential: The Family’s Views On Coping With the Difficulties In Life

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As I gear up for my vacation, I am trying to catch up with my posts for the week. I kept putting off posting because I didn’t have anything newsworthy to mention for Monday and I hoped something would become available for my disability Google alerts. But it hasn’t happened yet and I am running out of time. As a result, I am posting two discussions on Patrick Henry’ book, I Am Potential. The first, continuing his book review with a primary focus on what it means to cope with a situation. According to Webster.com, coping as defined as “to deal with and attempt to overcome difficulties”. But as I have learned from the Hughes family, coping is not necessarily overcoming the problem as much as it is “working through” it.

Or in Patrick Henry’s words, “I have learned that when situations are challenging, you have to rise up and keep going, or there’ll get you down .” He believes that many of the people he has met feels stuck where they are. These feelings sometimes stem from a fear of failure or getting out of one’s comfort zone. “If you give in to that fear, you might never know how good things could be or the problem might get even worse if you choose to ignore it.”

Like many parents, John Hughes and family never really can say they’ve got it all under control. After all, when you figure out the solution to something, another problem usually rears its ugly head. “So just when you think you’ve got the big challenges under control, something else props up to prevent your complete sigh of relief.. all of these things make coping anything but easy. But you have to always to moving ahead with the belief everything won’t get better without you doing everything possible to make it so…”

In these circumstances, the Hughes family was never alone- even when they thought they were. John Henry reminds us, “God is there, waiting for an invitation to intercede. It may not come when you think it should or in the form you have requested, but exactly what is needed always arrives at exactly the right time.”

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