Encouragement: Patrick Henry part three

Hello Again~

In reality, this will be my fourth post about Patrick Henry and his book. But my third installment using his book as my topic of “Encouragement”. For those of you that have been following, Patrick Henry has explored why we should be grateful in whatever circumstance we are in, do what we can to change what we can, and their definition of “coping”. In the next chapters, we will continue to learn about his take on pursuing your passion no matter what it takes.

Patrick Henry has never felt left out when it comes to playing sports like his brothers. He understands that everyone has their talents and should use them. For him, music is his passion. “Music is my key to life. The more I play, the richer my life becomes,” Patrick says. Playing music allows him to interact with a world he hasn’t seen, as well as transcend the limits of his disability.

A talent developed purely by accident..

As a young father, John Henry remembers the struggle he often had dealing with his firstborn son on his own. It wasn’t until his father playing music on the piano that the baby would quiet down. Looking back, he realizes that his own love for music was more than just a way to put himself in the spotlight, but prepared him for this special role with his son. “Preparation to help me raise a special child, a child who would be limited in many ways, except when it came to music.”.

Miraculously, at a young age, Patrick Henry was able to find notes simply by hearing them. “After a while, I think dad gave up trying to figure it all out and just accepted that God had given me a wonderful gift,” he says. At two years old, he was able to play simple melodies and harmonies along with his father on violin

“This was our our baseball pitch and catch, a father and son enjoying each other. We would never play football, go golfing, or do any of the other sports I have longed for. But that was okay because God had another plan- a bigger and better version of anything I could have imagined,” . John Henry says

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