Faithful Friday: The True Meaning of Christmas

Faithful Friday: The True Meaning of Christmas

by: Debbie Waltz

First, let me begin this post with my sincerest apologies. When I first began recording this video, the zoom was working well. A few minutes into the recording, I began having difficulty seeing my notes,  and my DragonDictate didn’t turn off like it was too. When I went to go trim the video, the video editor I was using stopped working. So I decided to just trim it on Instagram itself. That took forever. Come to find out that they don’t let you COPY the video into WordPress like other videos. That being said, I have included my Instagram link here.

Hopefully, zoom will work properly next week and I will transfer the videos directly onto WordPress

Join me in the next 4 Fridays as I go through the 4 candles of Advent

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