Music Monday: “Where’s The Line To See Jesus?” by Becky Kelley

Music Monday: “Where’s The Line To See Jesus?” by Becky Kelley

by: Debbie Waltz

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting with family and friends; I certainly did. Since my brother- and sister-in-law already had plans to take advantage of the holiday to use the timeshare, my family and I made plans to go to Virginia Beach. However, as it was a holiday, we realized it would be difficult to find someone to take Holly, our Goldendoodle. So we brought her along.

We had previously purchased Holly with the intention that she would someday be certified as a service dog. But, unfortunately, this was all before Covid-19 hit and changed our daily routines. Although that is still a goal, she is primarily a family dog and likes it when everyone is around. As a result, we have done our best to begin training basic skills and commands on our own. She is doing well actually learning to master skills like “walking with Debbie” (which means walking beside my wheelchair at a short distance and sitting mostly when mom asks.

My parents and I weren’t sure how Holly would react to the whole hotel experience; we needn’t worry. She loved helping all three of us in one room together. Except for going out to dinner twice, we took Holly everywhere. She looked cute with her pink vest, which says, “Assistance dog in training: do not pet.”

This was the first time we saw the boardwalk extravaganza “Holiday lights at the beach,” a one-of-the-year event where stores and hotels unite and light up their establishments for the holidays. It also includes lighting up “holiday figures” and synchronizing them to music played on the radio.

In all the glitz and glamour of such events, let us not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. In thinking about this idea, Becky Kelley’s song came to mind. It is so easy to get DISTRACTED by the events and activities surrounding Christmas that it’s normal to get caught in the busyness and FORGET what we are doing and who we are doing for. We do it to honor God; but we are also doing it because it reminds us of the HOPE we have in Jesus.

Let’s remember that today as we go about our week. We may live in a fallen world, despite this, God already had a plan in place for us to be reconciled to Him.

Becky Kelley’s song can be viewed here:



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