Encouragement:Superheroes really do exist.. Make-A-Wish has done it again, granting a five-year-old’s wish to become a superhero and save the day

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Many of you may remember the inspirational story of Batkid; Miles Scott’s wish to become a superhero after finishing his last chemotherapy in the hopes of curing his leukemia in 2013. To accomplish this task, the Make-A-Wish foundation enlisted the help of the entire city of San Francisco. Well, Make-A-Wish has done it again. This time granting the wish of five-year-old Kaheem who is also diagnosed with leukemia to become a superhero. Kaheem (a.k.a. Super Kaheem) lives in Maryland, but was given many tasks in order to save DC today, including freeing the DC mascots, so they were able to attend  tonight’s game.

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