Funny Friday Clip: Do Not Let Children Use Alexa without Parental Supervision!

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Watching Fox Five DC news yesterday, I came across a funny story about the precautions of using Alexa to purchase items online, As I’ve written in previous posts about Alexa, the device has the capabilities of accessing music, reading books and purchasing stuff online simply by voice. That is, of course if the technology has access through your linked accounts. One Dallas family learned this lesson the hard way when packages started arriving that they had ordered. Turns out, Alexa had been listening to closely to the daughter when she asked for cookies and a dollhouse- her wish was granted. The family then donated the dollhouse to charity.

Too bad she was not aware that you could deactivate voice purchasing or use a pin to confirm the purchase.

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1 thought on “Funny Friday Clip: Do Not Let Children Use Alexa without Parental Supervision!”

  1. Haha! I deal with this on a daily basis! Working for kelly taking itunes calls, half of them are for accidental purchases bcs nobody reads the fine print OR the instructions on how to restrict purchases. Smh.


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