Encouragement: What Is It

Hey everyone,

I came across this devotional excerpt from one of Joni’s books and I thought it would provide a good start to the next week. The premise, what is encouragement? As I said many times before, having a disability is not always a positive experience. After all, we often have to depend on others for our every need. But it also allows us a unique opportunity to inspire others through everyday perseverance.

Or as Joni’s puts it, “Focusing on suffering is a dead end. Rationalizations and justifications do nothing but harden your heart, making things worse. However, softness of heart comes when we encourage one another in our suffering – spreading truth, imparting hope, bearing the burden, sharing the load, praying alongside, and offering a comfortable shoulder to cry on. Thank God there were Christian friends who stuck with me, scolding me when I complained, and cheering me on when I chose a brighter outlook. My hardness of heart melted and I became soft and pliable in the hands of God.”

So, today remember Hebrews 3: 13

Personal note; If any of my readers want the link to get the devotionals themselves, please feel free to e-mail me. The devotional that I just paraphrased had a great impact on me, I would also be happy to forward a copy of that e-mail to you. Because I have to admit her words are even more powerful than mine. =)

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