Encouragement: GOD FRIENDED ME Official First Look Trailer HD

 Dear readers,
Ten years after this season finale of Touched By An Angel, CBS brings back feel good television with the introduction of “God Friended Me”. In this series, Brandon Michael Hall stars as a struggling PK trying to find the meaning of life on his own and making his opinions known on a podcast. That is until “God” sends him a friend request on Facebook. At first, Miles considered it as some type of practical joke but after persistent friend request,  he finally relents. From then on, God suggests possible “friend” suggestions to add his circle. The first being Cara Bloom, a journalist with writer’s block. Once the to meet, they have but one goal- to find out the person or thing behind these requests real the truth once and for all. Still along in the process, he is given people to come in contact with and help in some way. During the process, his attitudes begin to change and he is determined to use this podcast to open the lines of communication for his audience. At first glance, this series seems like it’s making fun of the faith but I tend to disagree. This series reiterates the fact that we are all connected and in need of something. It’s our job as Christians to see the need and meet it. After all, we are God’s representatives and who knows we may be the one connection to God the person has. God uses us whether we want them to or not. God can use anything to reach anyone if he wants! “God Friended Me” airs Sundays at 8 PM

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