Encouragement: For Such A Time As This

Now, all I have is now
To be faithful
To be holy
And to shine
Lighting up the darkness
Right now, I really have no choice
But to voice the truth to the nations
A generation looking for God

For such a time as this
I was placed upon the earth
To hear the voice of God
And do His will
Whatever it is
For such a time as this
For now and all the days He gives
I am here, I am here
And I am His
For such a time as this
You – Do you ever wonder why
Seems like the grass is always greener
Under everybody else’s sky
But right here, right here for this time and place
You can live a mirror of His mercy
A forgiven image of grace
Repeat Chorus
Can’t change what’s happened till now
But we can change what will be
By living in holiness
That the world will see Jesus
Repeat Chorus
For some reason, the lyrics to Wayne Watson’s “For Such A Time As This” came to mind this morning when I was thinking about what to write for the blog. As a society, it’s hard to look around and not be disappointed with the direction America has taken.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proud American and I will always be one. But there are some things that this country was once founded on that seem to be forgotten in the midst of becoming a “greater” America. As a result, our foundation and integrity is in question.
So where does this leave us?
I don’t know about you, but it leaves me feeling inadequate sometimes. After all, I’m just one voice in the midst of a crowd. Why do this if no one chooses to listen?
But then, I’m reminded of the Touched By an Angel episode where I first heard the song. In the episode, the angels try to enlist the help of a senator and an effort to acknowledge the existence of slavery in the Sudan. While Sen. Cooper (played by Lindsay Crouse) is preoccupied with more “pressing” issues, her son takes an interest in the photos they gave the senator as proof. So much so, that he takes the photos to show and tell at his school. That in turn, causes an avalanche of support from his class raising money in an effort to “buy back” the people in the photos. Thomas takes particular interest in one child named Sam who reminds him in a strange way of his brother whom he never got to meet.
“I had a brother once. I never really knew him, but I miss him and I don’t know this kid, but it’s hard to explain, but I miss him too ! Tomas says to his class during show and tell.
In the end, the senator did go to the Sudan to see it for herself and “buy” back Sam.
What am I getting at? In truth, this post turned out to be quite the opposite of its original purpose. To remind you that on any given day, you have the unique opportunity to make a difference. But now I’m not quite sure if that even makes any sense to me!
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Citation for TV program: “For Such A Time As This ” Touched By an Angel. Hallmark Channel 240 HALL14 July 2010. Original air date: 9/26/1999

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