Breakthrough with Tony Robbins


So another reality show hit the airwaves this week. Unlike most, the show doesn’t provide its contestants with luxury suites or lavish prizes. Hosted by Tony Robbins, it is designed to give people the breakthroughs they need to overcome whatever challenges they may face in the future.

In the pilot, Robbins tries to assist the Alioto family and seeing a life beyond the confines of his wheelchair. From the very beginning, the couple thought their wedding would be the start of their happily ever after together. Instead, it turned into a nightmare when on the eve of their big day Frank dove into the swimming pool breaking his neck.

“When I see pictures of Frank and I, it doesn’t even look like Frank and I. We don’t even know them anymore,” says Kirsten.

The process begins with the two traveling to Fiji in order to meet with Tony. Re-creating their story is only the first step to seeing their whole situation in a totally different light. Like on their wedding day, they took a leap of faith and the unfortunate happened, he wants them to take another leap of faith to take back their lives. In order to do that, they must first confront the real issues and find a new source of inner strength that lays a new foundation for their relationship. He may not be able to do the same things used to, but he can still support her as a husband

“Being able to provide Kirsten with an emotional shoulder to lean on was very powerful. It was very important for me to understand that I can still be there for her and provide her with strength,” said Frank.

They must see themselves and their situation in a entirely different light. For Frank, he must look beyond the confines of his wheelchair and redefine what is possible. In other words, there are no limits except the ones he puts on himself. for his life, Kirsten must see Frank “free” again, doing something they never thought was possible. In an effort to illustrate this point, Tony asks the couple to skydive.

“What is the most terrifying moment of my life went to the most powerful. It was the freest I’ve since being told I was paralyzed,” Frank says.

Kirsten agrees.

“It was a moment I’ll never forget. He didn’t feel that he had no legs,”

As part of the next step, Tony gives them both separate tasks to do over the next week. For Kirsten, this involves going to a spa and focusing on herself for once. On the other hand, Frank travels to Oceanside California for his next challenge, participating in a popular quadriplegic sport called “Murder Ball” (dodgeball in wheelchairs). By doing this, Tony hopes Frank will exceed his own expectations of what he can do and see what is possible as an individual. At the end up practicing for a week, Frank actually plays in a game with his family and friends watching.

On a personal note, although I may agree with the majority of this post and Tony’s methods. There is one ingredient he seems to be missing. Jesus Christ. Unintended or intended, he relies on the “power” or “strength” of the human spirit to cause a breakthrough. In reality, it doesn’t work like that. One must rely on God for a lasting and permanent change.
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