Encouragement: And Your Name is Jonah…

Welcome back~

Okay, so I realize I haven’t kept up with this blog lately. I really can’t explain my reasoning behind my absence: it’s just that there’s not much out there regarding disabilities right now. There’s also no denying I haven’t been myself lately. But I’m doing my best trying to remember what’s important-that God will never forget me just as he didn’t forget his covenant with his people in Deuteronomy. Still, God tries to remind me in small ways that He’s around.

Especially in the chaos that is my life these days.. But my college chaplain was sure right when he told us to Expect the Unexpected during one of his most memorable sermons.

Let’s just say I learned that lesson again today..

Anyway, I came across a interesting movie while surfing my Netflix instant library library. It was entitled And Your Name is Jonah; filmed in the 1980s, it tells the heartbreaking story of a deaf young man Jonah Corelli who was misdiagnosed with mental retardation as a boy. Jonah (Jeffrey Bravin) and his mother (Sally Struthers) face many trials as they struggle to readjust to life in the outside world and as a reunited family. Faced with a decision, she searches high and long for a way to communicate with her son.

You can see parts of the film here:


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