Review of: After the Fall

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It’s been a while since I last featured Hallmark ‘s original movie After the Fall on my blog. If you recall, I was unable to review it because the movie was to be play move will set ed on a channel I was previously unable to receive. As it turns out, Hallmark finally re-aired the program on the channel and as luck would have it, I receive the channel. To recap, the movie tells the harrowing story of a show jumper fighting to walk again after a devastating fall leaves her paralyzed.

The movie stars Andrea Bowen as Jenna Danville; Greg Evigan as Philip Danville; Gail O’Grady as Dr. Susan Miles and Rick Malambri as Will Dutton. Although it is a inspiration as a whole, the movie also sheds light on the impact that depression can have on the disabled community whether a recovery isn’t possible. This is done exquisitely through the character of Anna whose last hope is this therapy trial. When it doesn’t succeed for her, she is on the verge of giving up and takes matters into her own hands. I won’t tell you what happens next but I will say that it changes both of their life forever.

One of my favorite quotes from the movie was this: “Thanks for being a constant reminder that it’s not about the chair: it’s about your spirit”

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