Another show highlights disability issues

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I thought I would get a early start on next week’s blog posts. As I have stated before, I recently got a job that may delay me from posting at a regular basis. I’m going to try to keep things up for my regular readers. I don’t make any promises though. I am going to try to make as many hours as I can since my dream is to move out some time soon. That’s going to take a lot of money and a lot of work. But it’s a goal worth working for. In fact, I have a meeting with a apartment complex to look at one apartment this week. So, we will see how everything turns out.

Anyway, onto today’s post..

During the last few posts, I’ve noticed a pattern amerging. That pattern being, “Understanding Disabilities.” Now, this may simply be because there are no noteworthy topics of disability related interest in the news lately; but I believe otherwise. As a disabled person, I find myself encountering daily obstacles that attempt to undermine my worth as a person and well a productive citizen of the United States of America. Many of these obstacles stems from the the misunderstandings of the disabled community. In an effort to clear up such misunderstandings, people like myself and other disabled citizens are helping to provide a more accurate portrayal by pointing out serotypes and correcting them.

Take for example the recent play “The Jellybean Conspiracy.”

The play has three parts, each focusing on a different aspect of disability. The first and most compelling would be comparing a disability to a jellybean. That is, everyone is born differently. One person may be of a different color (i.e. race, ethnicity) or built of a different body type (tall, skinny etc.), but everyone is good. The second half of the play focuses on a family’s reaction to a potential disability. This half was adapted from a award winning play by Linda Daugherty. In the original, the story is about a young sister dealing with the realities of having a sibling with autism.

A number of disabled participants were involved in the performance.

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