Amazing People, continued.

Okay everyone,

Since I took Friday off, I have decided to extend my Amazing People Series until Wednesday. This got me thinking I still haven’t finished my series on Grown-up Girlfriends. In fact, I had almost forgotten about it. I do intend on finishing this series, I just don’t know what kind of impact it’s having . After all, it’s just my notes. Just a heads up.

Anyway, it’s already been a long day. Our Internet and cable had been out virtually all day; although the Internet is back up my television is still acting weird. As a result, I have decided to take the easy route and highlight another person I had previously talked about not too long ago.

His name is Patrick Henry. Despite being born with multiple abnormalities, his parents choose not to treat him any differently. Though unable to see, he still participated in his high school marching band with the help of his father who pushes his wheelchair through the the formations while Henry played the trumpet. Henry’s story touched the lives of millions when he was featured on extreme makeover a few years back. He continues to do so, inspiring millions to reach for the stars and no matter what the circumstance. For more information or a look back at my previous post featuring Henry, please go to:

Also, for more information about Henry himself, please go to:

Please note I do not know him personally

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