Advice for next year..


Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope everybody enjoyed it; I certainly did. Although many things were different this year, the purpose always remains the same. Christmas always comes, a constant sign of hope available to all. Over the years, the holidays has been commercialized so much that it has lost its true meaning both spiritual and seasonal. The true story of St. Nicholas revolves around a young man who once was a orphan who wanted to give back to society.

Anyway, I got what I wanted for Christmas this year.. the iPod touch. I thought this iPod would be easier to use than the regular one. After all, it only takes a finger touch to select a song. I was wrong and because of my reach limitations that makes things twice as difficult. In order to select a song, you must tap the song twice. Otherwise the iPod will think your finger is trying to drag down the list for other songs.

Another con to the iPod is that the movies play sideways. Now that wouldn’t bother me if I could turn the iPod around every time I wanted to watch a movie. But someone isn’t always around. That being said, it looks like I will return this one and get the classic version. Hopefully, that one will work.

These, as well as many more problems, occurr when trying to decide the right gift for your disabled child. I know it’s a little late, but here is something to think about for next year. This is a list of things to ask yourself before deciding to buy your young disabled child a toy for Christmas. I actually wish they would come up with a list of questions for people of my age group. But some of these questions loosely apply

Hope you enjoy!

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