ZION Official Trailer (2018) | Netflix | Documentary

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Before I take a break from YouTube and this blog for a couple of days, I was wondering what to write about; but then I just happened to see a short commercial on Netflix about Zion Clark’s story. Put up for adoption by his mother, Zion was born with no legs. After putting up with negative experiences in a number of foster homes, he had just about given up hope about ever being adopted; at 16, though, his dream finally came through. Despite this, he still had difficulty trying to fit in. Zion never really felt comfortable wearing`prosthetic legs but felt more himself when he was closer to the ground. That’s when the idea of wrestling came into play. Zion refuses to see himself as a person with a disability; instead, he chooses to rely on God and trust in his plan for his life. For more information on this movie, please see the following:

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