Your OWN Show: Week Three


So this week teams FOCUS and VISION tickle our funny bone with the help of guest star Arsenio Hall. For the first part of the assignment, teams were asked to assign the role of Executive Producer to a member. In a stunning twist, team VISION decided to have comedian Terey behind the camera instead of on stage. In the same way, team FOCUS also took a risk by letting Dr. Roach be Executive Producer.

Each segment consisted of two essentials found in the typical late-night talk show-the monologue and a one-on-one interview. First up, team FOCUS begins their show with a hilarious monologue by Zach. The contestant comes on stage with the desk attached to his wheel chair. At which point, he goes into this long dialogue comparing himself to Lady Gaga. “Your move,” he says, smiling. Alicia continues the segment with a in-depth interview with Arsenio Hall. Some of her questions included ones like “What’s next?” and “How does growing up in the church influence your comedy today?”

Team VISION wasn’t so lucky. Although Kristina gave a funny monologue about being new to America, Aunt Flora’s interview fell flat in my eyes. In the end, team FOCUS won the challenge, leaving Terrey and Aunt Flora fighting for their life. They gave Terrey another chance.

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