My reflections: Twice a week is better than nothing, I guess

Dear Friends and Family;
As I begin this post, I can’t help but have mixed feelings with how the last few weeks have progressed. I’m sure you’ve read about my health difficulties that keep me from writing my usual three times a week. I’m recovering slowly, only to have days where my “condition” seems to rear its ugly head as if to say, “You are not through with me yet!” And so the process begins again. But still, we persevere.
I say we because my family seems to be encountering a rough patch as well. After helping my brother and sister in law move into a new house, the chaos has still continued with my mom trying to help out by painting their old place and getting it ready for the new renters. Yet again, we were hit by another obstacle; my mom got sick. This just reminds me of something a college pastor once told us in a sermon, “Expect the Unexpected” he said. Because truthfully life never turns out like we planned; as much as we like our lists, priorities and sticky notes, they don’t work at all.

Trust me, I should know.

Anyway, I have learned through the Bible study with my Skype friends that the only way life can really have an impact is if you let the Holy Spirit work through you on a daily basis. It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn, but one of the best.

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