You & Me Trailer | 2018

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Almost 18 years after the premier of Listen To Your Heart, Freestyle Digital Media and Force Studios have joined forces to create this delightful comedy about a recently blind man and deaf woman coming together through adversity to find their own happily ever after. Starring Hillary Baack and Paul Guyet, this movie strikes that delicate balance between fighting against the stereotypes that society has when it comes to dealing with those who have disabilities and remaining humorous at the same time. Although it primarily deals with the stereotypes of those who are deaf, i.e. hearing impaired as well as those who are blind I couldn’t help but relate.

Too often people look at me in a wheelchair  and assume I can’t do anything on my own; as a result, they tend to treat me like a child rather than the 38-year-old young woman that I am and think I need 24 hour supervision.Why do I think is people’s gut reaction? First, I think it’s because I’m someone’s first introduction to a person with a disability. That being said, they rely on the lessons they’ve grown up with, and watching those around them growing up; then there is the negative connotation that having a disability is a life or death sentence. While it’s true that adjusting to a disability can take some time, it doesn’t have to be a game changer. People with disabilities can live healthy and productive lives

While I do agree with the basic premise of the film, it could have done without the course language and sexual content. I think it could have had the same impact without it, but that’s just my opinion.

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