What Do You Say after Tragedy Strikes??

Happy New Year to my readers… May God continue to bless you through reading this blog as much as I have been blessed by writing it. Through life’s ups and downs, he has revealed his faithfulness to me if only I trust Him! This can be a difficult task especially  considering  the  recent  events  that   happened   in Newtown Connecticut;   I find myself  asking,  “Why would someone want to do something like this?”
I don’t know the answer to that question; nor do I claim to understand what the parents of those innocent children are feeling.. But God does! He feels their pain just as anyone would and wants nothing more than to wipe away the tears.   I sincerely believe  that Jesus  was holding those children  in  His hands  as he  carried  them  up  to  heaven  that fateful  day. This begs us to question once again, “Why would He allow such a tragedy in the first place?”

God is merciful; but that doesn’t mean sin and free will don’t have free reign in this world. They do. Every day we have a choice to make- whether we use our God-given talents to help others or serve ourselves. It’s strange though, considering the gift which was originally meant to bring us closer to our Creator has only divided us!

Food for thought..

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