Vacation reflections

Welcome Back Everyone~

My apologies for not writing anything sooner, but my life has been consumed by follow-up appointments with doctors and such. So much so that it took my mother’s birthday vacation to the beaches of Virginia to get my bearings. To make a long story short, my central line is out now and blood counts remain normal. Now we wait.

That being said, I’m grateful for every day God gives me and understand now that good comes out of any circumstance. Just as Bethany Hamilton does.. Many of you may remember me mentioning about this brave young woman who overcame such impossible circumstances (a shark attack and the loss of an arm) and still managed to find her way towards accomplishing her dream of becoming a professional surfer.. Not to mention the added bonus of using her “celebrity” status to share the love of Jesus Christ to all who will listen.

Just an amazing testimony to look up to these days. That’s probably one reason why I can’t get enough of her movie, Soul Surfer, which was released on August 2nd.

I’d like to end this post with a few of my favorite quotes I missed the first time around…

“Life is a lot like surfing because if you get caught in the impact zone you’ve got to get back up because you never know what may be over the next wave.”

” I don’t know why terrible things happen to us sometimes, but I have to believe something good is going to come out of this.”

In the future, you may notice a few new webpage additions to my inspirational section. If you look further into Bethany’s life and journey, you will understand why!

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