Encouragement: New Lease On Life

Hey Guys~

It’s Friday with record high temperatures of 112 degrees here in Virginia and I’ll be honest, I’m glad to be inside. Although after over a month of doctor appointments and hospital stays, I’m having my ups and downs with “cabin fever”: you probably would to if you had daily infusions of antibiotics and you had to be home for weekly blood draws as well.

All in all, I’m happy to be alive. There’s something to be said for hindsight because if you would have told me I would have a new lease on life after being in the hospital for a total of about three weeks (both of my hospital stays are included here), I would have said you were crazy. But it’s so true. Life without the baclofen pump is so much happier. Doctors disagreed with me for years when I told them the baclofen flowing straight to my brain through my spinal fluid was causing my mood swings or feelings of depression saying there was no “conclusive” evidence linking the two. Maybe they’re right, but I have never laughed more since having the pump out and taking oral baclofen. (For those of you who are new readers, the baclofen pump had to be taken out because of a severe infection in my back). Not only that, I feel like I can think clearer than I have been in years. Now, I feel like I am not only interacting with the world around me but enjoying my life.

Taking all of this into account, I came across this song “What Life Would Be Like” and it accurately describes the new lease on life that I feel I have. I am alive for a reason-to interact with the world and make it better by giving people hope in the midst of dark times. Just like God gave me hope

Please take the time to really listen to this song and examine your heart. You might be surprised at what you find…


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