Upcoming documentary “Certain proof” and Asserting One’s Independence

“I don’t want to live here forever “

“I want to be my own person ! Please help me,”

I was struck by these eye-opening words of Chris Burke as he played the role of Bob, a young person with down syndrome just struggling to become a part of his brother’s family. In a way, that’s the cry of the entire disabled community-to be seen as individuals capable of living a meaningful life with little assistance from others. The cry becomes even more alarming when society begins to question a person’s worth when they are unable to walk, talk or even communicate.

In a new documentary entitled “Certain Proof”, producers follow the lives of three distinct families each touched with cerebral palsy. Like most parents, they struggle in wanting to provide the best education they can for their children ; even if it meant fighting to prove their sons or daughters were learning when the schools disagreed.

If you are disabled or have disabled family member, you’ve heard all of the arguments.

1) We’re not equipped to handle such a disability.
     While that may be true, there is funding in every school for children with disabilities. Check out the ADA and be aware of what your rights are. In many cases, this is where having an Individualized Education Plan comes into play

2) We’re afraid of the influence the disabled child may have on the other students.
     Again, a plausible concern.. While the children may be afraid at first,
socialization is the key to bridging the gap of understanding. Starting early allows the children more of a chance to connect with each other, seeing past the disability and accepting them.

Bottom line: what right do we have to judge the people that God created? None. Each one of us has a special purpose in this world and who are we to limit ourselves?

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