Wheelchair changes and personal reflections

Welcome Back, Folks..

It’s clear I haven’t been focusing on updating this blog lately. I’m sorry, I’ve just had lots on my mind lately. For starters, I don’t want this blog to be bogged down by negativity and that’s all I can seem to focus on right now. I don’t know when exactly it started or how long I’ve been this way. But I find myself changing into someone I don’t know.I’m doing my best to hang on to my faith until the storm passes, but I feel as if I’m failing miserably. But those are just my feelings, not reality.

Now for my daily readers, you may realize a very special day is around the corner. That’s right: April 21, I’m going to be turning 31. It seems like not too long ago I just turned 30. But in all reality, I have been through a lot this year with my arm surgery and such. I accomplished several goals this year, including being able to drive my wheelchair and getting assessed for another one. Since this wheelchair is over at least five years and I no longer have the need for head controls (although sometimes I found them reliable when my nerves got the best of me) we figured it was time for a change.

Anyway, I’m anxious to see is the progress continues whether the high hopes I had for my new wheelchair are attainable. For one, a new joystick that is within my reach and power buttons accessible by my elbows that are reliable. The ones I have now work intermittently and my friends link you. Joan 9ability to drive is dependent specifically on how I’m placed in the wheelchair.

Now, if any PTs are out there you’re probably asking yourself, “Have you continued therapy?” After the surgery, yes, I did. That’s when I made great strides in my driving ability. But after a family emergency, the therapist needed to cancel our appointment. Months went by and we never rescheduled.. Looking back, I wonder if that was a mistake.. Not only because I stopped . seeing improvement in driving but because I felt the weekly outings were helping in other ways as well.

Truth be told, there probably are at least one to two more surgeries in my future. Trouble is, which ones are most important. That is, important enough to keep me at home while I’m recovering and putting on hold my dreams to live independently in an apartment someday. Soon, very soon I hope. All questions that need to be answered at some point.

Anyway, my next few posts should be quite interesting ones… The first will tackle a very important question. How do we determine one’s worth if they are part of the disabled community unable to talk or have their opinions heard?

Stay tuned.. I hope to have my opinion on that tomorrow

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