Understanding oneself

Thanksgiving is over. I had a wonderful, but busy weekend with my family. The first part of the weekend was spent out of town with relatives. We are helping my Aunt Ginny get ready to put her house on the market. It’s been a very long process. I had no idea it would take this long. Anyway, we arrived home on Saturday safe and sound- tired as dogs. Tim and Carrie came to visit and spend the rest of the weekend with us. It was a nice time to get together, but I am glad to be home.

Looking back, I have grown a lot over the years. But today, I realized there is still a lot I have to learn about myself. To make a long story short, what I am talking about is acceptance, both from self and other people around you. This is an essential part of building confidence and independence in oneself. Sometimes, friends and family can do things to instill this confidence within you, other times, you have to do it yourself.

Parent to a disabled child, Dan Habib knows exactly what I am talking about. After learning his son had cerebral palsy, his life began to fill with uncertainty. While spending time with Samuel in the hospital, one doctor suggested that he create a video, documenting the daily struggles of a family with a disabled child.

The end result is inspiring and eye-opening. You can read the following article for more information.


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