Top Faithful Friday Recap

Editor’s Note: Deb is on vacation this week, so we’re recapping a few of our most ‘Faithful Friday’ posts.

Chuck’s Story: Finding God in the Dark – Do you find yourself amid a struggle right now? Do you wonder if God has left you alone to figure things out on your own? You’re not alone. Join me as I interview fellow writer and friend Chuck Carr as he shares his story of finding God in the dark.

Being Faithful in the Climb: In today’s society, it’s becoming harder and harder for Christians to share the Gospel without fear of being ridiculed or “canceled” on social media.  …we must never lose sight of our true purpose- leading others to join us on our climb…

A Closer Look at Tabatha (a.k.a. Dorcas): I’m trying to say never discount the small things you do in this life. They make a difference, maybe not to you. But to someone else, they do.

The Painful Art of Letting Go [of An Adult With Disabilities]: Even at age 42, my parents still struggle with when to let go.  My parents will always see me as their little girl, but I still want to be independent and thoughtful.

Acknowledging Our Faith and Hope in Christ: We all wrestle with the difficulties of Acknowledging to everyone around us that Jesus Christ is our Savior from sin and the Lord of our life will.

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