The Rolloff Family: a Final Goodbye

Welcome back~

Okay, so tonight concluded the final season of Little People, Big World. It has lasted six seasons and I’ve seen most of them. I’ve grown up with them really. I remember when I first saw a rerun of the pilot episode; I was a struggling teenager learning to accept my disability and live my life. Their family reminded me that anything was possible even if you have a disability; it might just take going about the goal little differently.

I will admit the final season had me going a few times-wondering whether they were going to sell the farm or whether the boys were in fact going to move out. Even though Matt was hard at times, I feel that his heart was at the right place. But at some point, you have to let your children go and make their own decisions without worrying about a time table.

I will miss the family, especially Zach. Even though we have never met, I feel like we are kindred spirits when it comes to waiting for the special person.

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