The importance Of Sacrifices

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I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend; I decided to take September 11 off as a tribute and memory to those who gave their lives in order to save this country as we know it. That got me thinking a lot about the importance of sacrifices. Not only in terms of personal sacrifices, but the ultimate sacrifices. The ones that are done for others with no regard for one’s safety or well-being. Personally, I can’t imagine the type of courage it took to band together in an effort to foil the plans. Just imagine how many lives were saved in the air as well as on land. That whole day, people stepped up to become heroes by risking their lives. Firefighters, paramedics, or just your average “Joe” .

But then again, that’s what America is about- what it’s founded on. Not only did it take many trials and triumphs to get and maintain the freedom that we have and enjoy. But let’s not forget the first and most important sacrifice- Jesus on the cross

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