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Although I didn’t have a chance to see this movie in theaters, it intrigued me enough to read the book. This book is told from two distinct perspective, that of a upper-class well educated white man andl a homeless African-American. I only point out the race because each influences how they see the other in the beginning but by the end, race doesn’t seem to matter. After Ron Hall and his wife Deborah experience some marital difficulties, the struggle to find ways to reconnect. That’s when Deborah brings up the idea of helping out at the homeless mission in Texas. It is then when she reveals a dream that God laid on her heart to help out here and of a “friend” that would help them change the city. At first, Ron shakes it off as just a dream, but when Denver enters the picture Deborah is sure he’s the one from her dream.

“Become his friend,” she encourages.

Obviously taken aback, Ron is unsure.

On the other hand, Denver is wary of anyone who works at the mission. He believes anyone who comes to help is just doing their holiday duty to make themselves feel better. But when they return every Tuesday, his attitudes began to change. Through friendship, Ron develops a deeper understanding of Denver’s perspective on people and why the is wary of them. Time passes and the two become closer. It is when Deborah develops cancer that Denver becomes part of the family.

On a personal note, there are a lot of quotes in this book that I found full of wisdom One such quote being that we are all homeless waiting to be taken up to heaven where God is waiting for us (I think Denver puts it better in his book; it is also a quote in the trailer above) Denver also believes that some people see friendship as a catch and release psychology- here today, gone tomorrow-but if he’s your friend, he’s a friend for life.

I highly recommend this book although the first half is kind of slow and it takes a while to get involved in the plot

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