Relationships, I guess I will continue the series


So I just happened to be searching for new topics that I could use for the blog when I came across this article. Recently, I’ve gotten in the habit of looking for topics on the Internet and then saving them to my e-mail for future reference. I do the same thing for TV programs related to disability issues as well. Anyway, I figured since I explored the difficulties of being single as well as disabled in the United States. I would take this a step farther and explore the impact that friendships have on disabilities. As I believe I have stated many times before, I don’t know where I would be without the friendships I’ve made in my life. Specifically, the ones I made in college. They not only help me in function independently without the assistance of my parents, but allowed me to florish as an individual.

Anyway, enough about me.

Looking back at the article, I find myself having a hard time trying to condense it. So I have decided to let the readers read it for themselves. All I can say is that it’s a powerful story of a friendship. It really shows you the importance of looking beyond differences(both physical and religious). I encourage you to read it.

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Furlong, Roxanne “Friendships That Endure ”, October 2007 15 October 2007

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