New treatment for those with spina bifida

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In a matter of days I will be heading out of town for my birthday. As a result, there will be no Monday post. But I’m sure you can do without me for one day, right?

Anyways, on to today’s post. I came across a interesting report last night. Investigated by Lila Lazarus, a new ” Health Works ” reported on a new treatment for spina bifida. Today, approximately 3000 children are born with this disability. In simple terms, spina bifida happens when the spine never completely develops during birth. As a result, this often creates difficulty when helping with personal care, such as the toileting. That is all about to change however with the help of surgery. During the surgery, nerves are taken from a child ‘s leg and rerouted to the bladder. Surgeries like these are being done down at the Beaumont Hospital. So far, there is a 90% success rate.

Citation for TV Program: “Health Works” News segment Lila Lazarus reporting Fox2 News. Channel 2 WDIV Detroit, News at 10 pm, April 17, 2008

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