My Take on The Shack- The Movie

Dear Readers,
I’m not sure how the topic of this post will be received because of its controversial topic. While the movie “The Shack” is not biblically based, I do see some striking similarities that may leave audiences more open to the idea of a relationship with Jesus-the one true
God. For those that are unfamiliar with the story, “The Shack” tells the story of a father unable to cope with the untimely death of his youngest daughter. I will spare you the gruesome details, but he is left feeling responsible. That is, until he receives an unlikely “invitation” from God himself to come back to where it happened in the hopes of getting him “unstuck.” Thus begins an amazing journey of spiritual transformation of love and forgiveness
Now I know what you are thinking. I wish I could have a conversation with Jesus in the flesh to discuss my spiritual journey and obstacles in my life. But he does send us people in our
lives to advise and guide our steps. In this world of difficulty, it’s just hard to see him in our midst. I think Octavia Spencer says it best when as she portrays ““Papa” (one of the three parts of God) and says, “”Son,when all you see is your pain, you lose sight of me.” Although the idea of God in three persons is biblically based, the way it’s portrayed is not exactly
true. Yes, Jesus is God in the flesh. He suffered on our behalf, but it is not exactly clear what God looks like.

In another conversation with Jesus, Mack is still struggling to let go of his guilt over what happened and come to grips with the gift that he’s been given-the opportunity to talk over his grievances and believe again. In this scene, he is in a boat in the middle of the lake and it begins to turn black overtaking the boat and it begins to sink.This kind of reminds me of Matthew 14: 29-32, when Jesus beckons Peter to join him on the water and when he does, he can’t help but look down in doubt. In pretty much the same way during the “Shack” scene, Mack looks down and is overcome with fear , “Jesus” urges them to not look down, saying, “Don’t look at it, Mack. Look here.. Don’t think about the past, don’t think about the pain..Look at me. Everything is going to be okay. Trust me, none of this can hurt
you. Just look at me and breath.”
When things finally come down and the  black lake disappears, Jesus urges Mack to continue with them, and walk on the water, but he is still unsure. He replies, “But I can’t. I will sink.” Jesus answers him, saying,  “Not on your own. You can’t… You’re imagining a future without me and that future doesn’t exist. I promised to be with you always right? And I’m right here.” 

But then that leaves the inevitable question, “Doesn’t God have the Ultimate Say?” To answer that question, Mack must come face to face with his idea of judgment as a woman  named “wisdom forces  him to reevaluate  how he views  certain people.  His  views are challenged  when he is forced to choose which of his   children  are  to go to Heaven  and which to Hell.  Obviously he can’t  make a choice and chooses to  take their place. It is only then,, when there bodies  fade away. “McKenzie, you’ve judged your children worthy of love- even if it cost you everything. Now you know Papa’s heart.”  She continues  explaining that while  God  gives  us free will  to be  part  of his family and make our own choices  that leaves  room  for evil  to find its way  in. “ He doesn’t stop a lot of things that cause him pain. What happened to Missy was the work of evil. And no one in your world is immune to it. You want the promise of a pain free  life. She continues, saying, “… As long as there’s will in
this universe- free not to follow God, evil can find a way in.”

These are just some of the highlights of my favorite parts  of “The Shack” I would be more than happy to start  an  open discussion on  what you guys thought of the movie.  In some strange  way, I feel closer to God after watching  it. It is my hope  that  this movie  can start an open dialogue  about  faith  to your  friends and family..

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