My Reflections: How Much Faith Is Enough

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Watching the movie Joshua always the same affect on me; thrilling me and making me cry at the same time. Why? Because I believe one day my Lord will come again and take me home to be with Him. Not only that but I will be no longer limited by my disability. As entertainment worthy as the movie is, it always leaves me wondering.. How much faith is enough?

Don’t get me wrong, struggling is a part of life; it builds character and a deeper sense of what’s really important in life. But it also has the ability to make you question who you are and what you believe. That’s always the case when I view the scene of the woman at the revival.

Basically in the tent sits two women along with a crowd of witnesses. The so-called faith healer says: “Who wants to be healed today?” The woman in the front row answers saying “I do”; unbeknownst to the audience she is not really unable to walk but instead is working with him to get money. On the sidelines, a blind woman just sits back and “watches” the situation unfold until Joshua walks in.

He sees the injustice being done and desires to set things right in God’s name. Not only so that the healer would recognize his wrongdoing and come to Him instead, but also so the young blind woman with the “true faith” would be rewarded.

“I know what’s in your heart,” Joshua says and with that she is healed. (I have included the YouTube clip here because it is a very powerful scene in itself and I don’t think I did it justice. I was unable to embed it because it was not allowed by the user of the clip. )

Now, I’m not perfect; in fact I feel far from the lately. In fact, I let the littlest things frustrate me and it usually results in a lot of negative thoughts and I end up blaming myself for and afterwards. I’m a sinner and I always will be, but somehow watching this movie makes me feel closer to him. It’s hard to believe but God does in fact know our hearts during our bad days and good days. He loves us no matter what always, but we have a choice to do our best and to love him back.

I just wish I could feel God like this every day.

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