Music Monday: “Keep Me In the Moment” by Jeremy Camp

Music Monday: “Keep Me In the Moment” by Jeremy Camp

by: Debbie Waltz

Welcome Back, Readers~

Greetings from an international traveler.. Granted, I had no idea it would be almost a month before I’d pen my latest “Music Monday.” But then again, I should have learned by now to expect the unexpected. Anyway, dad was bound to get sick the way we were running around doing activities on the ship; plus having to deal with unexpected dilemmas that still needed to be resolved regarding our excursions, etc. On the bright side, it led to a memorable mother-and-daughter day in Inverness. But more about that later, I plan on giving myself another week before launching into my travel series. Anyway, I’m grateful that dad got sick until the middle of the trip; it allowed me to see the Eiffel Tower before first exhibiting symptoms of a cold. Of course, I was bound to get sick after a 7 hour flight home and sitting next to dad.

All in all, it was a memorable trip. Not only because it was it was my first international trip; but because my whole family was there. My niece will head off to college in less than 2 weeks and I don’t know how often we will see her since she will be in school and swimming as part of her scholarship. She has grown into such an amazing woman and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Rebekah is planning for the future as well by taking her lifeguard certification so she can hopefully have a job next summer. (Yes, I am a very proud aunt). The memories I made with each of them taking pictures with Kev and watching The Maze Runner in our stateroom together will stay with me for years.

Thank you, girls..

Which brings me to this week’s music selection. Jeremy Camp’s “Keep Me in the Moment.” is all about being present and taking each day one at a time. Too often, people focus on plans, hoping things will get better. But if you live that way, you are missing out on so much. Now I’m not saying it’s bad to plan. However, God wants us to be ready and open to every opportunity He gives us to share the love of Jesus Christ with those around us. But to do that, we must be available to create relationships with our coworkers, friends,  and family. We should listen for the Holy Spirit to lead us and do as he says

To listen to Jeremy Camp’s song, it can be accessed here:

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