Music Monday: “For Such A Time As This (Esther’s Song) by Marty Goetz and Misha

 Music Monday: “For Such A Time As This (Esther’s Song) by Marty Goetz and Misha

I have to be honest in today’s Music Monday; I can’t take all the credit. My dad pointed out to me. Not only is it a brilliant duet between father and daughter about what Esther might contemplate before going to the king and asking him to pardon her people-the Jews-from death. But I believe we can also glean a few more gems from this song.

Like the Jews in Esther’s time, the Ukrainians are fighting for their lives. I don’t watch the news, but I can’t help seeing pictures and videos of the destruction occurring overseas. It forced people to flee their homes to save their lives; they have two choices- seek shelter in one of the few bomb shelters around the city, hoping their home will survive, or flee their home country with the dream of a fresh start.

I’ll admit it’s hard to watch or listen to what is going on over in Ukraine. Still, it should give us an even deeper appreciation for the freedoms that we have. At the same time, we are standing in solidarity with the Ukrainians hoping to maintain their freedom. Yes, their homes may get destroyed, but they can always rebuild. What no one can take away is their spirit, for their country, their freedom, and their faith

This doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid, emotions are natural and a part of the human experience. Franklin D Roosevelt once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the reassessment that something else is more important than fear,”

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