Makeover for 23-year-old young woman on the Tyra Banks show.


So it looks like I’m going to be snowed in for another big snowstorm. Over the last the last couple of months, Virginia has said records amounts of snow. Not that I mind, but that’s one of the positives to moving here and what do we get? I can’t figure it out.. I guess this will allow me the time to catch up on some writing projects. That being said, I haven’t forgotten about my promise to continue my series on Patrick Henry’s I am Potential. That blog post was scheduled for Wednesday, but it’s going to take me a few hours to figure out where I left off in the book and write an adequate post. So look for it later on this weekend..

Today, I want to highlight something very special on my blog. I just happened to be watching the Tyra Banks show and see clips from upcoming shows. In my area, the Tyra Banks show is shown during the three o’clock and four o’clock time slot . Well, I just happened to be watching the three o’clock episode oddly featuring women who are newly divorced and struggling to find themselves again- but that’s besides the point. Anyway, they previewed clips from her next show which included random strangers who thought they had fashion sense trying to make over some of the people on the streets of New York. me tell you, the people with fashion sense were right to pick the people they did because their transformations were amazing..

Part of the show included Tyra telling this inspirational story of meeting one of her fans on the street. This fan, named Janelle,, who happens to be in a wheelchair with CP, was “walking” with her mother and just happened to see Tyra up ahead. Obviously, Janelle wanted to meet her. So her mother introduced the two of them. But you know what the first thing Janelle said was? It was: “Tyra, I want a makeover!”

So that’s what Tyra did.

Turns out, Janelle avidly watches America’s Next Top Model, so as part of the surprise, she had two of her favorite models Yvonne and Aminat to help out.

Janelle wanted to make over.. but why? She puts it best saying, “She wanted to prove that people in wheelchairs would like makeovers once in a while,”

In the end, Janelle came out wearing a pink sweater with some kind of Leopard print underneath and black tights. She was also accessorized with a pink headband.

I applaud Tyra so much for doing that for Janelle. Like her, I have never disabled models in media, which is something I would like to see more of.

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Citation for TV Program: the Tyra Show: CW channel 3 or 463 (WDCW or WDCWDT) February 5 at 4 PM

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