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Best known for his role in God’s Not Dead, Kevin Sorbo is branching out from his acting career by writing and directing his very first movie Let There Be Light. This film centers around the drastic transformation of Dr. Sol Harkins. Previously an atheist, Sol experiences a change of heart when he has a car accident (while driving drunk) and is clinically dead for four minutes. During that time, he is enveloped in light and encounters his dead son Davey (who had cancer); his son then encourages him to go back and “Let There Be Light.”

Awakening in the hospital, he is unable to make sense of the message so he opens up with his ex-wife about his experience. Since their son’s death, the couple have struggled to remain on speaking terms for the rest of the family and his outspoken opposition to their faith. Still, Katy sees this as a opportunity to change his fate. She mentions the idea of going to see her pastor. Not your regular pastor, Pastor Vinny has seen his own share of difficulties. As an ex-convict, it wasn’t an epiphany or some climactic event that led him to Christ; it was the simple act of the disciples standing by their faith after the discovery of the empty tomb. As there conversation continues, he suggests that God chose to reveal himself to Sol so that he can be an example of God’s Light and love in the midst of a struggling world. And just so there was no doubt that God loved Sol, he sent Davey to give him the message; Just like God sent his son on the cross!

Armed with eye-opening epiphany, Sol begins to think a closer look at himself and his opinions on Christianity. Several weeks later, he is baptized and opens up to the public about newfound faith. As one can imagine, his publicist doesn’t approve and refuses to represent him anymore. Looking for a new project, Sol and Katy rack there brains looking for a way to share God’s Light and love with those who were not otherwise hear The Good News. Finally, she gets the idea for an app which allows Christians to proclaim their faith by shining their light (both figuratively and literally) up towards the sky on the darkest night of the year (which just happens to be Christmas). It also allows those that have questions about their faith an opportunity to get answers.

“You mean proselytizing?”

“Yes. Without apology..”

 Sol and Katy find themselves growing closer in the process. He is determined to do what it takes to become a part of the family again- including stepping up as a father and and becoming a honorable husband. On a date night, he asks her to remarry him and she accepts. But the happiness is short-lived when the two return home and Katy collapses. It’s an inoperable brain tumor. Despite the devastating news, she is focused on making sure her family is okay and seeing the project come to a completion.

I will not disclose the ending for those readers who are interested in renting the movie for themselves. I will say however I was delighted to find out this movie was a family affair as three of Sorbo’s own family star in the movie.

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