I Can Only Imagine Trailer #1 (2018) – A Movie About The Power of Redemption and Forgiveness

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I had the pleasure of going to see I Can Only  Imagine as it premiered in theaters worldwide this weekend. For those that are unfamiliar, the song was one of Christian bands’ MercyMe first hits. This movie  goes deeper into songwriter Bart Millard’s childhood and examines what events led up to the song’s concept. From his difficult upbringing to trying to make his dreams happen on his own, every step leads him to depend more and more on God. Despite his growing faith, Bart finds himself unable to let go of the past and forgive his father; this in turn leads to a lack of inspiration in terms of songwriting. That is, until he finds out his father is dying from pancreatic cancer and has found the Lord. In the last few  weeks of his life, Bart and his father repair their relationship and learn to forgive each other.
Along with the power of redemption and forgiveness, this movie has a strong sense of destiny and fulfilling God’s plan for your life. Throughout the movie, Bart encounters many obstacles towards his dream of becoming a singer- his father’s opinions, the industries’opinion and his own self-esteem etc. But despite this, God accomplishes his goals anyway- bringing him deeper in the faith  and showing Bart (as well as everyone else) who ultimately remains in control. It is in those times of doubt that you grow character and faith. No matter what if it’s something God intends for you to do with your life. It will happen. It doesn’t always happen immediately though. It’s in God’s timing, not ours.
J Michael Finley stars as Bart Millard;Dennis Quaid does a marvelous job playing Bart Millard’s father. The rest of the cast does a wonderful job as well. This movie shows how one person has the chance to influence the younger generation for a wonderful purpose- if only they are given the chance.

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