I Believe- In Memory of Della Reese

Dearest Readers,

It is with deep sorrow that I report that Della Reese has passed away at the age of 86,best known for her role as Tess in the series, Touched By An Angel, Reese made us believe in every day miracles. Debuting in 1994, the series centered around a group of angels sent down to help humans find hope in the midst of their daily struggles here on earth; the main message of “God loves you ” being a central theme of every episode. Created by Martha Williamson, the show lasted nine seasons on CBS, conquering many controversial topics such as homelessness, mental illness and other other tragedies like 9/11 It taught audiences that for those that believe in Jesus, there is no fear in death-with the introduction of The Angel Of Death (portrayed albeit ironically by actor John Dye) Dye was not the stereo typical angel of death- dark and scary; instead, he spread God’s light- both figuratively and literally with a message of hope and faith until they saw God for themselves.

I myself looked forward to every Sunday when for one hour I was reminded about the real possibility of Angels walking among us. In a world that barely recognizes Jesus anymore (aside from church and family life) I was given hope that someone is watching over me- either God himself or Angels of past relatives. God knows where I have been and knows where I am going because he’s already there. He is there even though I may not always feel him.

In her last sighting out, Della Reese was asked about her belief in Angels. I believe her response says it best:

“..Everybody needs an angel in their life,what he left us to help us through was faith..”

Rest In Peace Della Reese!

More inspirational clips of Della Reese:




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