Human by Christina Perri (cover by Carley Elle Allison)

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This YouTube video was done by Carley Allison. As a teenager, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her trachea; it was operated on and she underwent chemotherapy. Though the treatment was successful for a short time, she was later diagnosed with a rare and interoperable form of lung cancer called Clear Celll Sarcoma. She died at age 19.

Her courageous story is told in the theatrical movie called Kiss and Cry. While watching this movie on Netflix, I was inspired by her take on the Kiss and Cry booth as a skater. Being a skater herself (as well as a singer, she said the kiss and cry booth reminded her not of the importance of winning, but the importance of getting back up and trying again. That’s like life, isn’t it?

For more on this amazing story and what her family is doing to keep Carley’s memory alive, please go to:

The Kiss and Cry movie:

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